Frequently Asked Questions

My order hasn't arrived yet.

Please email us on info@budoflovewinestore.com and we will investigate further. 


I put in the wrong address. Can I change this?

Please email us on info@budoflovewinestore.com ASAP in order for us to update the delivery address. However we cannot be held responsible if this has already been delivered 

I think my wine is faulty. What do I do?

If you believe your wine is faulty please email us on info@budoflovewinestore.com 

Some wines which have a cork can be tainted, or a wine can oxidize and we know that isn't pleasant therefore please return the bottle with at least ¾ of the wine in the bottle so we can investigate further.

As all our wines are natural, they can have a bit of a funky taste and this can seem odd especially if you haven't had much natural wine. If you believe it's not just the taste and it is fault based on the above descriptions we will ensure to replace your bottle.

Do you ship overseas?

We only ship within Australia at the moment.

Do you offer bulk orders for events?

We do! and we would love to offer you some delicious wine for your next event. Please email us on info@budoflovewinestore.com