Bubbles Pack

2021 Les Fruits ‘Chouchou’ Pet Nat

Les Fruits does it again with this delicious Shiraz & Chardonnay blend Pet Nat. 

Soft peachy pink colour with just the right amount of effervescent life. Subtle nose of spice and dried white flowers, peach skin and lemon pith. Mousse is fairly
upfront and refreshing, as the style should be. Underripe red berry, fermented peach juice, and blood orange fruits with a light savoury accent from reduction. Up-for-it style made for park times. Cold as you like.

2021 Das Juice Pink Pet Nat

A first Das Juice Pink Pet Nat is a savoury blend from the Mornington Peninsula of Skin macerated Pinot Gris (40%), Sauvignon Blanc (30%) and Tempranillo (30%).

The Gris was picked early and fermented on skins, once pressed it was joined by sauvignon blanc and fermented dry. The Tempranillo then came into the blend and was added to the wine as partially fermented juice and sealed up.

The resulting wine has a lovely element of grip, bright fruit and crunchy red apple characters. 

2021 Yetti & The Kokonut Bubbles

100% savagnin from a certified organic vineyard in Mclaren Vale. Picked 9th of feb 2021. We destemmend everything, settled and fermented the juice. Kept a little bit aside to add later.

Super bright and fresh bubbles with soft peach and pear components. Fun style, soft fruit hints with flowers and lemon curd in back pallet. One glass and you want to finish the bottle!


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